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Waste Treatment, Demilitarization & Recycling

Franklinís senior staff has been working on waste treatment and recycling projects since the early days of RCRA and TSCA. These projects have included:

  • Permitting of chemical warfare agent incineration processes
  • Energetic material removal using high pressure water
  • Vitrification of inorganic wastes
  • Stabilization through pozzolanic chemistry
  • Separation of plastics by composition
  • Dredging of environmentally-sensitive and high-value industrial wastes
  • White phosphorous recovery by physical,thermal and chemical processes
  • Red phosphorus recovery by vaporization/condensation
  • Recovery of synthetic gypsum from power plant scrubber waste
  • Solvent recovey from pyrotechnics manufacturing
  • Third party certification for hazardous waste tank systems
  • Environmental risk assessments and permitting

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