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Air Pollution Control Experience

  • Dry and wet electrostatic precipitators for particulate and metals
  • Fabric filters for particulate and metals
  • Wet inertial impaction scrubbers for particulate and metals, including flux force/condensation enhanced designs
  • High-efficiency filters for submicron particulate and mist
  • Wet absorbers for acid gases - HCl/Cl2, SOX, other halogen acids/halogens
  • Dry lime and limestone, lime slurry, and sodium carbonate slurry spray dryer absorbers for acid gas removal
  • Adsorbent-based systems for mercury and dioxins/furans
  • Combustion modifications for NOX
  • SCR, SNCR, and liquid-phase oxidation/reduction processes for NOX
  • Activated carbon/solvent recovery systems for VOCs
  • Various thermal oxidizer designs for gaseous and liquid wastes
  • Scrubber water handling systems involving sodium or calcium-based neutralization of acid gases


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